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Here you can learn about the types of animals we have, and learn about what you can do with them at the farm, and at parties!



We have lots of horses at the farm.  Horses are measured in hands, (each hand is 4 inches) and any equine taller than 14 hands is a horse, any equine below is a pony.  So technically speaking, we have horses, ponies, and Miniature Horses!  Whether you come to the farm or request a Pony Party With Princess, you can get a ride on a horse, as well as learn how to brush them and tack up.  You can also feed them carrots, apples, peppermints, the occasional slice of bread, etc.!


Here is Salty, a leopard Appaloosa horse gelding, posing.  P.S. Salty loves peppermints and candy canes, so next time you visit be sure to bring him some!


We have lots of ponies at the farm, too.  As with the horses, you can ride these guys, brush them, feed them, and tack them up.  Sometimes we even paint them!  Ponies are good for smaller kids' parties.

Here is Tony the pony gelding munching some hay during pasture time. 


We have Miniature Horses, too.  You can feed them, brush them, lead them around, and even dress them up!  Little tikes can even ride these guys, but nobody over 50 pounds, please! 

Here is one of our Miniature Horses, Firecracker.  He is a cute, gelding who loves attention, and gets extra fluffy and soft when he grows his winter coat.


We have two Miniature Donkeys, Jeannie, and Eli, her baby.  Eli was born at the beginning of summer, in 2013!  As with the Miniature Horses, only people 50 pounds and under can ride them, but anyone can brush them, feed them, lead Jeannie around, and watch Eli as he gallops around the yard!  Miniature Donkeys are very gentle and are wonderfully realistic for live nativities at churches for Christmas. 

Here is Jeannie the Miniature Donkey mare with her baby, Eli.  He's getting big, huh?  This pose was encouraged with candy canes!  Yum!


You can feed the goats yummy cereal, pet them, and sometimes lead them around on their leashes!  

Here is Tabatha the goat.  Believe it or not, she's an adult, just a short one!  She and Pebbles the sheep are competing for treats in this photo!

We have two sheep, who enjoy competing for attention and treats.  Sheep are also great for live nativities, and kids love to stroke that soft wool!

Here is Pebbles posing for her photograph.  What a gorgeous model she is! 


We have lots of pigs that like to be led around and fed scraps.  Our pigs will eat anything (SAFE!) so feel free to bring them some leftovers anytime!

Here are four of our pigs all lined up for a group shot!  Everybody smile!


We have many large turkeys here at the farm who love to be fed yummy treats! 

Here are some of our turkeys competing for animal crackers. 


We have lots of chickens and roosters.   The chickens are always laying yard eggs, which are eggs that have not been fertilized, so they won't hatch.  But we sometimes have chicks! 

Here is one of our hens with her freshly-laid yard egg.  She lays one every day on top of the washing machine in the garage! 


We have lots of rabbits at the farm.  You can pet them, feed them veggies, and let them hop around in playpens. 

Here is one of our rabbits, a cute Dutch mix named Lola.  (Update - Lola has been sent to our partner rescue, Bugsy's Rabbit Sanctuary, and has found her forever home!)


We even have ferrets.  You can hold them, feed them, and watch them run through the tubes in their cage.

Here is one of our ferrets licking his lips after eating some ferret chow!  He's got the life in his two-story cage!


We have lots of turtles and tortoises, including a large one named Clyde.  You can feed them tomatoes and lettuce, watch the turtles swim in their pond, and pet Clyde as he wanders around the farm!

Here is one of our tortoises.  He's extremely photogenic, isn't he?


Our iguanas love to be fed veggies, and you can watch them climb on their branches!

Here is one of our iguanas climbing in his luxury two-story cage and soaking up the warm sun. 

Thanks for visiting the Our Animals page.  Check out the rest of the site, too!  And remember, as we are a working rescue and sanctuary, we're always having new additions to the menagerie!  So be sure to visit us - you never know who you might meet!

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